Apr 21, 2014

Mick Blue pushes me up against the wall, pinning me there while he grabs at my natural tits and kisses me deeply. I feel his shaft pressing against me through his jeans and I drop to my knees to taste it. His cock is already rock hard and he uses my mouth before I crawl to the couch so that he can use the rest of me. Mick fucks me any way he pleases; he fucks my pussy, my boobs, my feet, my face. He bends me over and sticks his tongue deep inside my pink asshole and I eagerly return the favour. I drop to my knees again to finish him off and his warm cum splashes on my face and tits.

Apr 13, 2014

I always take advantage of being home alone. I like to walk around the house in my lingerie, jump on the bed and take my time to pleasure myself without worrying that someone is going to catch me. I indulge in my own breasts; grabbing, caressing and jiggling them. I lick and suck on my nipples until I’m urgent to cum. I wet my dildo with spit and push it inside my pussy while I circle my clit with my fingertips.

Apr 6, 2014

After working up a sweat at the gym, Kelly Divine and I decide to give each other a real workout. We bust out of our sports bras and bright yoga pants and heat things up with some sexercise. Kelly sits her huge arse on my face and does her cardio by bouncing on my tongue. My floor work begins when Kelly squeezes four fingers inside my tight arsehole; stretching my hole and sending me over the edge. I help Kelly cool down by taking her sweaty gym socks off and stuffing one inside her mouth. Soon I have my cute little toes inside her booty hole. I get a nice stretch when I pull my toes to my lips to taste Kelly’s juices while she makes me cum again. A hardcore workout never felt so good!